Your guide to name removal / resignation from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.
Legal Right To Resign
Write Your Resignation Letter
Membership Records Receives Your Letter
What To Do If Your Letter Is Returned
Local Ward Administrative Action? Threats? Unwanted Contact?
Process Is Taking Too Long - Stalling
Completion! Name Removed!
Sample Resignation Letter #1
Sample Resignation Letter #2
Sample Resignation Letter #3
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Completion! Name Removed!

Once the Stake President has sent the administrative action on to Corporate Headquarters (Membership Records), the LDS Church Membership Records removes your name from the "Active" roles of the LDS Church.

You will receive a confirmation letter from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints that your name has been removed and that if you wish to come back you must contact your local Bishop or Stake President. You will also be notified that your baptism, temple sealings, priesthood or any/all blessings have been also been revoked. You will also be told that if you wish to return you will be required to be re-baptized.

If you requested name removal for your spouse or children, their names will also be listed on the document as having their names removed.

Realize that even though your name has been "removed", you will still be counted among the membership of the Mormon Church. They will not release any resignation numbers. As for the local Wards, your information will be packaged up and sent to the Mormon Church Office Building and will no longer exist at a ward level. If you move, no records will be sent to the LDS Ward boundaries that you live in. Your records will still exist - and be annotated as "Name Removal". Please remember that your records will still exist! Anything confessed to a Bishop or Stake President will still be recorded in your files. Your file will be permanently flagged. If for some reason you do decide to go back, you will never be considered for any higher leadership roles.

The Mormon God forgives unconditionally, but the One True Church(tm) never forgets.

That's It! You Are Officially Done!

If all went well, the process should only take 45-50 days.

Finally - register on The Ex-Mormon Forums and share your story!

PLEASE NOTE: The Ex-Mormon Forums has a forum dedicated to Name Removal/Resignation. You can get instant help from those who have been through the process. Get help in having your name removed from the records of the LDS Church. Post your questions or your updates on your journey out of Mormonism. Get help with stubborn Bishops or Stake Presidents. Interact with those who have already had their names removed.
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