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Welcome to Mormon Resignation. Here you will find helpful information that you need to have your name removed from the records of the Mormon Church.

The Mormon Church - known as The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints - has a very lengthy process for those who wish to have their names removed from the records. This is known as "Name Removal" or "Resignation". This removes your name from the active records - stopping nearly all contact from Bishops, Home or Visiting Teachers and Ward members. This also stops all forms of Church Courts - known as "Administrative Action".

This website contains steps involved in having your name removed. It also contains sample letters that you can use, or, that you can model your letter from. It also contains links to forums where others who have already taken the steps for name removal - can help and guide you through the process.

Having your name removed from the records of the Mormon Church can be a very emotional experience. It can affect your family, your job (if you work for the Mormon Church), your friends or even your spouse (if your spouse is Mormon). If you currently attend Brigham Young University, or another Mormon Church owned University, you could lose your accreditation and be expelled. There are many who have been unable to receive their diplomas or even their credit transcripts after having their names removed. The Mormon Church does not forgive, and it does not forget.

Still, having your name removed from the records of the Mormon Church can be a very positive and liberating experience. It decreases (although in many cases does not eliminate) unwanted contact from the Mormon Church. It stops the Mormon Church from spending countless hours in trying to track you down and reactivate you. Upon resignation, the Mormon Church must immediately suspend all "Church Courts of Love", and if you are "Ex-communicated" after you have officially resigned, you have a legal case that can be pursued in a court of law (United States only). Last but not least, removing your name from the records of the Mormon Church frees you from a destructive organization that demands your money and your complete obedience.

There are many reasons you may have for name removal, and regardless of your reasons, this site will help you with your resignation process, and provide you with resources for recovery. Be sure to visit the Ex-Mormon Forums for help with resignation and for recovery. We are here to help you and provide a stable foundation for you to move on with your life.

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PLEASE NOTE: The Ex-Mormon Forums has a forum dedicated to Name Removal/Resignation. You can get instant help from those who have been through the process. Get help in having your name removed from the records of the LDS Church. Post your questions or your updates on your journey out of Mormonism. Get help with stubborn Bishops or Stake Presidents. Interact with those who have already had their names removed.
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